The EdTech Program is a Learner-Centered blended program offered to Benilde Faculty members aiming to equip them with the mindset, philosophy, and skills needed to adapt to the mLearning direction of the school, and thus be able to effectively incorporate technology in facilitating learning of both students and colleagues.

Upon completion of the program, the EdTech Office will award the faculty member with a certification that he can use for promotion (?) and as a recommendation for the Hybrid Course Accreditation.

Like any program that the institution offerers, faculty members are to complete a specified number of units. Trainings, workshops, seminars, meetings, and facilitation of activities, offered by the EdTech office will be considered as "courses" from which, upon completion, faculty members earn units.

    Proposal of number of units:

  • Short Courses (ex DS1 & DS2) - 5 units
  • Facilitating a training/ Creating an EdTech courseware - 4 units
  • 1-Day Workshops - 3 units
  • Half-Day Workshops - 1 unit
  • FoodstubAns - .5 unit

The program also offers tracks or fields of specialization the faculty member can choose from (presentations, visuals, hardcore tech stuff, etc.) that would match his interest and needs.

As a final requirement, the faculty member should be able to produce, document, and deliver a Learner-Centered technology-aided course for one whole term. Prior to the delivery, evaluation will take place.